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It’s Been A While!

My, my, my! It would seem that my plan to write on here at least once a week has, well.. failed. *sad face*

I blame the exams

Speaking of which, Sixth Form students at the delightful Plume have been given timetables for mock exams.. for MARCH!  This is ridiculous.  I’ve spent / wasted over a month revising and doing past papers, and fancied relaxing for a while.  Apparently I’ve got the wrong idea!  Plume believe it’ll be beneficial to waste yet more time doing mock exams that we won’t actually know enough for.  Yeah, whatever you say Plume.  Whatever you say.


On a more positive note, it’s nearly half term! WOO!  Not too sure what the holidays will consist of, but it’s got to be better than falling over on the ice attempting to get to college, then finding out that you either don’t actually have a lesson or they can’t be bothered to teach you anything (yes, photograpy, I’m talking about you!)… like I said: a more positive note!


Next things I’ll be writing:

  • Review of one of my all time favourite novels: THE BOOK WITH NO NAME by Anonymous
  • Review of one of my all time favourite musicians: PIECES by Erik Hassle
  • A K-POP related piece (probably to do with Donghae or LuHan)


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