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Quick Review: Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villains – Angela Carter

Although it isn’t the most fluent of texts (Carter has a tendency to forget to use punctuation so as to allow the reader to pause), the descrptions are often vivid and gripping.  The real beauty of this novel is it’s ability to make the reader question what we percieve as being right and wrong – hence the title of ‘Heroes and Villains.  If you can ignore the sometimes ridiculous plot and overlook the fact that it can’t decide what genre it belongs to, a most enjoyable read is in store.

‘Heroes and Villains’ is essentially a book about a dystopia world where the people are divided into Professors, Soldiers, Workers, Barbarians, and ‘out people’, described by protagonist Marianne’s father as “the outcasts of the outcasts”.  Marianne is bored of the white tower she is imprisoned in.  She knows of the Barbarians who live in the dense forests beyond (one of them killed her brother on a raid), and starts to dream of what it would like to leave her civilized world.  Once outside, she embarks on a bizarre journey that takes her to the limits of humanity: odd, violent, passionate, and at times quite hideous, the post-apocalyptic world tests Marianne – and by extension, the reader – as to what makes someone a hero.  Both gothic and fantastical, Carter manages to twist romance into a force of philosophy and debate, and although this isn’t her finest work grammatically, it does indeed succeed in its mission.



Good Quotations

‘Suicide was not uncommon among Workers and Professors when they reached a certain age and felt the approach of senility and loss of wits, though it was unknown among the Soldiers, who learned discipline.  But homocide was very rare and usually happened shortly before a Barbarian raid.’

‘She touched his beads and wondered whether to strangle him with them.’

‘He had donned a mask of cerved wood painted with blue, green, purple and black blotches, dark red spots and scarlet streaks which covered all of his face but for the bristling parti-coloured beard.’

“I’m too drunk to screw you”, he said.

“One must be thankful for small mercies”, she snapped.  He laughed with apparently genuine delight.

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The Vampire

Unintentionally, my wild eyes rove

Over your deliberate form.

The brass forest of blue yonder

Sinks into smoke shadows

As you utter

My name.


You insist now that the orb of moonlight

Cast upon that pure savage shore

On that wondrous and fateful night

Is lamentably there

To protect me

From you.


I cannot accept: what ruinous thoughts

Pass athwart the air between us.

How could you remarkable beaut

Possess such qualities

And claim to be



Though the echo of the pain as your lips break

My humanity still lingers on,

I stalk your magnificence through

The forest at dawn to

The wasteland we

Call home.

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And So We Begin! (As Said On Fable 2)

The idea of writing a blog has appealed to me for quiet some time now, but I’ll be the first to admit that my life isn’t always so exciting that I feel the need to share it with the world.  So, what to write about?  I could, of course, discuss various issues that are on my mind, or current affairs, movies, music, etc, etc, etc.  This would be fine for a short amount of time, but I’m easliy distracted, and I’m sure I’d soon find myself writing 3 lines every month, eventually descending into nothing.  Hence the reason why I’ve decided to write fictional pieces (and occasionally accompany them with drawings or photos of my own).  This way, I hope to a) Continue to write on a regular basis, b) Write something worth reading, and c) Do some work for my EPQ, for which I’ve decided to write a short story based on neuroscience, with a (probably) gothic horror twist.  Yeah, not ambitious or anything!


Well, that’s my first post-thing done (woo), so now onwards we go, into the mind of the girl in the room who doesn’t say much, but is always listening and observing (that’s supposedly a description of me, but just sounds creepy, if I’m honest).




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