Everyday Character Names

Here is a list of of ‘everyday’ character names (i.e. not too ridiculous).


Cassie Snider

Diane Briggs

Harriet Wilcox

Julie Burris

Liza Rosales

Loretta O’Donnell

Lynette Brooks

Madelyn Leon

Melinda Becker

Samantha Slater

Courtney Matthews

Doctor Roselyn Bechtel

Lauretta Holloway

Shayna Clark

Dina Redden

Doctor Corrinne Jaques


Benito Engel

Armand Mercado

Curt Mosley

Carlos Reynoso

Rayford Clymer

Gerald Spears

Otis Ordonez

Martin Byrd

Maximus Barnes

Ryan Wiggins

Stuart Mccall

Riley Wolfe

Wilfred Meadows


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