Blessed Realm

In BTEC Media, year 11, we were told to think of a concept for a game.  Many went for the usual FPS games (ie COD-style), and found themselves in a bit of a rut when it came to the storyline.  I got really into the whole idea, and spent a considerable amount of time researching character names, settings, and similar games available for an RPG that I fancied creating.  What I came up with was one of my most developed story ideas to date: ‘Blessed Realm’.

This wasn’t the original name (and I can’t remember what the original title even was), but it has several meanings that become apparent when the plot is read.

Here is the outline of the start of the story, as told by an ‘omnipotent’, unknown narrator:

  • The land of Eramia has been split by a war within the reigning community.
  • King Quaddam has been attacked inside the confines of his own palace, and – believing it to be the work of the notorious warlock Fasaad – sends his two favourite sons, Zakir and Boaz, on a mission to retrieve the reputed Distra Esis Sisters.
  • He is soon informed that many of the sisters are no longer alive, having been destroyed in the Great War.
  • The original six consisted of Wamil (‘beautiful’), Xena (‘hospitable’), Keyna (‘jewel’), Chiara (‘bright’), Adrienne (‘Dark One’), and Aletea (‘the Truth’).
  • Prince Boaz is sent with his warriors to find Adrienne, whilst Zakir and his commrades are told to locate Aletea.
  • It is then that the story divides up into sections, with various narrations (much like ‘The Book of Human Skin’, but without the changing fonts).

I will be posting parts of the story in chronological order as and when I write it. See the page entitled ‘Blog’.



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